Friday 11 February 2011

JP & MTV's The Wrap Up, A Year On...

Yesterday marked a year since I became Editor of MTV's urban music website, The Wrap Up. From getting rebuked by Editor's of mainstream titles back in the day, to now looking after one myself - God has truly blessed me.

At 22 years of age, I feel blessed to do what I'm doing and being in the position that I'm currently in, but humbleness is always the key and you'll never find me getting too comfortable with my situation. There is always more to be achieved.

If you've contributed to The Wrap Up in any way, shape or form - thank you so much. The site is now one of the main UK sites for black music and I'm very proud to be part of it. Here's hoping for a bigger and better year ahead!

Aiight, boom! Enough of the emo talk, get me some Rose naaaaaooooow!