Wednesday 18 December 2013

MTV IGGY: Step Over To The Dark Side With Blue Daisy

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Name: Blue Daisy

Where He’s From: London, England

When He Started: 2009

Genre: Left-field hip-hop

For Fans Of: Tricky, Massive Attack

Sounds Like: Someone dancing with the devil.

"We all have that inner darkness inside of us, so why not play with it and embrace it, rather than live in denial and neglect what our darker fantasies would lead us to do? Just be free, just be you. That’s what I do…"

Those are the spoken thoughts of the not-so-delicate Blue Daisy, a producer and rapper born Kwesi Darko in Camden, London, whose obscure electronic beats and hell-approved lyrics have been burning a hole through the underground since 2009 (albeit sporadically). And while most of us are far too God-fearing to ever come out with such sinisterness, this Kanye West and Damon Albarn-influenced artist lives by every word, applying said thoughts to every aspect of his creative process.

Darko's released a handful of "dark art" masterpieces in his time, with each work framed in the pages of your favorite music magazines and hung up on your daily-checked blogs (2011 album, The Sunday Gift, being his most critically acclaimed effort thus far). But the 27-year-old isn't in it for the glory. All he is out to do is simply remind the world that life and love isn’t all, well, blue daises and picture-perfect, like most of today's pop stars would have us believe.

In the month of February, 2014, Blue Daisy will release a new menacing, trance-inducing EP entitled Psychotic Love. It's a four-track set designed to mend the wounded-in-love and give a little encouragement to those finding it hard to break away and move on to the next one... Just make sure you've embraced the dark side before pressing play on it, though, 'cos it is not for the faint-hearted. Seriously, don't say we didn't warn you!

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