Thursday 12 November 2009

The London Lite: Fast Talk With Felix (Basement Jaxx)...

Basement Jaxx are legendary when it comes to creating out-of-the-box dance music. Their new album, 'Scars', is just another testament to just how creative these guys can get...

Electro or techno?
Both. Maybe more excited about techno at the moment, because the depth and rhythm seem to be returning.

Cinema or DVD?
Love the cinema. I want to see 2012 or anything epic/future or with great cinematography in a dark cinema, I mean really nice and dark. I hate it when the safety lights are too bright, the nanny state can really devalue a good experience. 3D cinema is amazing with a bag of pick 'n' mix, a coffee and someone close at the IMAX. DVDs are great too, for that intimate experience -curled up on the sofa or in bed. 500 Days In Summer was good like that.

Full band or DJ sets?
To see Basement Jaxx (the world experience), definitely the live show. DJing is fun, particularly when more intimate. Last week in Copenhagen was good, the crowd stormed the stage for the last couple of songs, knocking over monitor speakers etc., it was a laugh!

Jan Moir or Perez Hilton?
Jan who? Not too interested in celebrity gossip. A bit whatever, really. Very few of these people inspire or elevate the world we live in, and although bitching can be funny - good wit can be hilarious!

UK grime or US hip-hop?
Definitely a bit bored with American hip-hop, it's all got a bit plastic, shallow and euro trash. I find it hard to trace any soul or meaning. UK underground music is definitely alive and kicking, more dubstep and funky than grime. I’m still waiting for a street Shakespeare, or even a UK answer to Snoop Dogg, Busta or Eminem.

Big Festivals or intimate club nights?
Both, really. Festivals, for the tribal coming together under the stars, being outside on holiday with music in good weather - you can't beat. Clubs are to dance, sweat, close your eyes and put your head in the speakers to.

Three-course meal or a KFC?
I love food and enjoy it. I'm not into fast food; I’m into food that's not good for you. I'm lucky I grew up eating home-grown.

Mixmag or NME?
I don’t really read magazines, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Mixmag. NME journalists often seem a bit miserable and bitter. I'd scan both if they were in front of me, though.

Scarred or scared?
Scarred. A life lived in fear is a life half-lived; accept your scars because they make you who you are!

Words: Joseph Patterson

A version of this appeared in The London Lite Newspaper