Monday 22 November 2010

Tune Of The Day: SBD - 'Person I Am'

SBD from Manchester sent me his new single the other day entitled, Person I Am. For someone under the age of 18, this young man has some real thought-provoking lyrics in his notepad and with the right team behind him, I believe that he could become an artist who is highly respected for their lyrical content. He's definitely going about it the right way so far. The only other (younger) MCs that I've seen do similar things are Maxsta and Dream Mclean, by that I mean making tracks with real meaning behind them, not just the typical bars talking about how much they want to shank their bredrins cousins bredrin (trust me, I've heard it all).

Some of the older lot should be ashamed when they see these up-and-comers talk more sense in one track than their whole mixtape. Shame. I think 2011 is going to continue to be the year of the new-aged MC, but like I always say, the legendary MCs will always be respected in the game, but they've had a long time to do their thing. Maybe now it's time for a few of the MCs of yesteryear to hand over the baton to the new generation coming through...