Sunday 17 October 2010


Numan is an up-and-coming producer from Manchester who's making a lot of noise on the underground music scene at the moment, especially within the dubstep scene and he's already been picked up by Planet Mu who have just released his new EP, Race Against Time. I wouldn't class his sound as dubstep though and I hate to sound like one of those weirdos who like to make silly names up for music that they can't categorise, but I'm calling this FUTURE MUZIK. It isn't dubstep, it isn't grime and it isn't electro, so I'm calling it what I like, is that alright with you? Now, if you don't like what I'm calling it, do you know what you can do?...Well, I was gonna tell you all to F&*K off, but I don't want to loose readers now, do I?