Friday 3 July 2009


Just came across this on the grimeforum and it is actually ALOT. South London's Killa P is one of the more, shall we say capable MCs out there when it comes to yardie flows, he isn't too bad on a bit of dubsteppery either. This is real grime though, none of that poppy lovey duvvy shit (not saying that's always bad) but every now and then you need some realness in ya lifeeee! The video is not the best and we can clearly see that, but it's a 'hood' one so whatever (although I think he should have hollered SB.TV or Timoothy & Bazmondo for a better one). Minor, it's still sufficient for the eardrum though...

He has a mixtape out now which he is selling for 99p, cleverly titled - Credit Crunch Part 1 and it features 16 tracks of pure gully riddin grime, featuring Roadside G's and more.