Wednesday 1 April 2009


Ok I'm a bit late on posting this video, but I am overly feeling this track from MAN LIKE ME, the frontman has opted for a Grimey type flow on this one, well they do like Grime so why not try a ting (the Roll Deep remix of this tune>>>) the video is different aswell, but I like it. DJ Magic who runs Dirty Canvas, sent me a remix done by Rude Kid feat. JME of this track and it is in one word A-M-A-Z-E, It has a old skool Garage feel to it, cha, I would put it up but still don't know how to do that shit, you can hear it on the MLM MySpace though. Rude Kid is soon to drop an instumental CD that will have all of his famous tracks on it including Sing For Me, UFO and more including the remix mentioned above.