Friday 1 August 2008

God & Grime, An Unlikely Partnership?

What comes to your head when you look at this flyer...Baffled? I was thinking the same thing. One thing i have been against from the start is mixing Grime or any form of worldly music with the church. I'm all up for GOOD alternatives (which is hard to find) as we can see...

At 16, 17 who wants to listen to pentecostal hymns when their friends at school and college are spitting bars all the time? Now you may be thinking how hypocritical of me to say that, do you not believe in God, go to Church and listen to worldly music at the same time? Indeed i do but when it comes to the house of god and you have people talking about things of the roads it just shouldn't mix.

''I buss 7, buss 8, buss 9, I buss 10, I buss Skeng''...''Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wrecth like meeee''. It just doesn't go does it. I haven't spoken to any one that has attended the first two events it may have went extremely well.

I grew up in church yes, but have also been influenced and part taken in what you may want to call road life and as someone who knows the difference between the cultures i think i have a right to comment.