Saturday 2 August 2008

My Channel U Round Up.

So i have been watching Channel U (the channel we love to hate) alot recently to see what the UK is gwanning with and a few videos caught my eye, here's my verdict on them.

23 Deluxe ft. Daniel Joe - Show Me Happiness

Ok i like noise but this is some next level business, the b-line is all over the place, Bassline has melody, this does not work for me. Funnily enough a friend of mine was asked to do some work with these guys and asked for my opinion and i said if the music is good enough to attach your name to it then do it, if not allow it.....It never happened. I do like the video though.

Nia Jai ft Chipmunk & Natty boii - Hey Girl

All i can say about this is you shouldn't do tracks that are so shite just for money, yeah im sending and wot. Nice video...End.

Cyko Logic - Down Wid It Remix

I like this track and video by Cyko Logic, Ice Kid is back out there alongside Slix and some next random dudettes, but generally its ok, not too sure about the 'I wear tracksuits cos' im down with it' bar though, very random.