Wednesday 7 May 2014

Pigeons & Planes: Daily Discovery: Tune In To Mizan's Intellectual Soul

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Who is Mizan? Well, she’s a New York City-based "wannabe revolutionary," one who wants to make "innovative and meaningful music that speaks to people who’re alienated by misogynistic and unfulfilling mainstream/popular culture." (So, not just a pretty face and stunning set of lungs, then). "This notion," she adds, "informs a lot of my work as well as fueling my motivation, to be a sort of antithesis of the sex-sells, sensationalism-wins approach in the entertainment industry. My attraction to music has always been as political as it is recreational."

Citing '70s indie rock, '90s pop, and R&B as her musical points of reference, the singer of Ethiopian descent’s eclectic, minimalist approach could see her being filed next to a SZA or even a stripped back Kelela or BANKS, in times to come. But while you’re likely to find said experimental songbirds kicking it at Heartbreak Hotel (be it in the club, in the basement), Mizan is more interested in chilling with her filmmaker, illustrator friends, who find joy in the "exploration of the human condition."

Today, Mizan shares the video for her sun-kissed, Str8nge co-produced track, Thru. The home video-styled, hazy visuals capture Mizan strolling through NYC on a (surprisingly) bright afternoon in a reflective mood. And, thanks to the clip’s glitz and fuss-free construction, the warm vocals and life-appreciating songwriting of this future chanteuse is able to take full lead. Watch:

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