Monday 14 April 2014

MTV IGGY: Selector: Logan Sama’s Grime Rave Reloads

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

UK garage has DJ EZ, jungle has Uncle Dugs, and a grime scene without Logan Sama at the helm would be pretty much unimaginable. For more than a decade, Sama, a regularly touring British DJ and unabashed game head, has been dedicated to the building of a firm foundation for grime music and its culture, upholding it all times and serving fans up the genre’s freshest beats and bars each and every Monday night on Kiss FM. Through said show, being one of the station’s leading broadcasters, Logan single-handedly held the power to transform unknown youth club and bedroom barrers into in-demand rave MCs, all within the space of a thirty-minute set. And most top-boy-spitters-in-the-game will bear testament to that.

To many’s dismay, however, the people’s Grime Minister recently laid his high-in-listeners weekly to rest to re-direct his undivided attention towards the launch of a brand new venture: KeepinItGrimy. The forthcoming online platform, club night series and record label, he hopes, will break lyrical and beat-making talent, and push grime further out into the musical sphere than his two-then-one-hour radio slot ever could. Before Logan Sama gets ready to clock the next level, MTV IGGY got him to hark back to grime raves gone by and select his top five reload tracks of all time. So, with gun fingers at the ready, let’s get into it.

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