Monday 3 March 2014

MTV IGGY: Selector: Jesse Rose’s Top 5 Hip-House Jams

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Seriously, though. How sick would it be to see Bey and Jay surfboart'ing to house music in a club? A random (and kinda weird) thought, I know, but it could very well be a thing, now that house music DJ and producer Jesse Rose is a member of Jigga’s Roc Nation/360 clique. Rose, who was born and raised in London, England, may not be as regularly mentioned in "EDM" culture (really?) as the rest, but he's certainly got it going on behind-the-scenes: he owns a record label, Play It Down, runs the Made For The Night global event series, and has held down residencies at some of the world’s toppa-top venues, including Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Fabric in London.

Now kicking back in sunny Los Angeles, where he's been residing for three years from previously living in Berlin for six, Rose is one of the very few underground house heads up in the hills. However, from where he's stood, the movement seems to be spreading like the New York City cronut. "Every city in the States has at least one great underground house spot," he explains, "and since I’ve been here, I’ve seen house music in North America grow and grow. I play at lots of diverse parties now, too, which is great."

A hip-hop-lover at heart, JR is currently in the studio building up a few hip-house joints for the likes of Chuck Inglish, The Cool Kids, and Amanda Blank—all while he continues to promote his newly-released album, The Whole Twelve Inches. For our latest Selector column, we got the British beatsmith to list his top five fave hip-house jams. Here, have a look-see:

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