Monday 13 January 2014

MTV IGGY: Pull Back The Purple Velvet Curtains

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

DJ Q and I have had many-a-convo about working together to try and resurrect bassline/4×4 from the pits of dance music death, and so it gives me great pleasure to say that said talks have finally come to fruition. This year, the UK garage aficionado will release cuts from various producers through his Q Recordings label, most of which will either be straight-up bassline, or with strong hints of.

Kicking off proceedings will be Purple Velvet Curtains (cool name, dude). He’s from Brighton, which couldn’t be further away from the genre’s North of England roots. But, that's no issue here. Earlier today, the 20-year-old producer released two new clips on SoundCloud, She Can Get It and You Know My Man, with all of the essential ingredients needed for the bassline/4×4 validation stamp: guttural womps, tinny percussion, and off-kilter synths. And, yes, the tempos may be slower than usual for the speed garage spin-off, but who are we to complain? Bassline is back, yo!

This also appeared over at MTV IGGY: H E R E