Thursday 23 January 2014

MTV IGGY: PREMIERE: Star One and Fallacy Love 'Gangster Girls'

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Following Star One’s buzzworthy last single, Wanted Man, comes the house-inflected, bouncy garage sounds of Gangster Girls. The producing twosome from London took it all the way back and called on Fallacy, a known MC from the UKG scene of yesteryear, to chat on the track about their appreciation for the females who like to keep it trill, but still sexy. And with lines like, "She is flawless, and you just won’t see the deception/This gangster b****h is gorgeous, she is gorgeous, totally awesome," they prove that chivalry is far from dead.

"I think the UK garage scene has been building strongly over the last few years," says Adam, one half of Star One, "and there are plenty of great new garage tracks coming out from the likes of Conducta and Flava D, who are constantly pushing things forward nicely. The future of the genre is bright!" Indeed, it is. Stream Gangster Girls below, and download the track for free on February 3.

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