Monday 20 January 2014

MTV IGGY: PREMIERE: Get Happy With Rewd Adams' 'Love Thing'

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

When Rewd Adams raps, you stop everything and listen. A south London native, widely known in the UK hip-hop circuit for his dope hook-ups with The Last Skeptik, Adams' rowdy flow is one that appeals to a younger ear, but his intellectual rhymes and penchant for '90s-sounding beats hasn’t gone unnoticed among hip-hop heads over the age of 25, either. The lyricist promises a new EP later this year, with a few singles and covers of oldies to drop in the run-up. And first up is Love Thing, Rewd Adams' smile-inducing and quintessentially British take on the Pete Rock classic, It’s A Love Thing. If you were having a grey day, things are about to brighten up a bit. Hit play after the jump.

This also appeared over at MTV IGGY: H E R E