Friday 10 January 2014

MTV IGGY: 7 MCs Holding It Up For Vocal Grime

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

There’s no denying it’s been the instrumental side of grime that has secured fans and tastemakers' interest in the genre over the last two years; with Butterz and Oil Gang forever adding new producers to their rosters and club promoters forking out major moola for them to jump behind the decks and pull-up their own riddims, it kinda makes sense. Vocal grime, however, has definitely seen better days. Remember when you used to lock into Rinse FM to hear your favourite MCs go back-to-back on a set? Remember going to Shoreditch grime raves, throwing up gun fingers to the sounds of your favourite MC’s ad-libs? If, like me, you don’t like facing the fact that grime has since moved on and is no longer all about wordplay, punchlines, and metaphors, then you’ll want to know these guys who are still holding it up...

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