Tuesday 17 December 2013

MTV IGGY: Exclusive: Big H Warms Us Up With A 'Fire And Smoke' (Megamix)

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Just when you thought Merky Ace was the only MC in grime with their fire still blazing, in comes the no-longer-elusive legend, Big H. A former member of Meridian Crew and current member of Bloodline, Big Hooligan’s last significant release was 2009’s Street Crime UK album, which boasted fifteen tracks of unapologetically violent lyrics, hype-inducing grime riddims, and hunger disguised as anger. The LP enabled the north London spitter to stand strong among core grime figures who, one by one, were becoming weak at the sight of major label single deals. It gave H cult-like status, too, to the point where waiting nearly half a decade for his follow-up project was almost becoming acceptable.

But the wait is finally over: on Christmas Eve, grime loyalists will be able to get their hands on his well-worth-the-wait second album, Fire And Smoke. Armed with his signature choppy flow, Big Hater lyrically uppercuts a fair few of his old grime mates throughout the 16-track offering, and the results are jaw-dropping. No one’s feelings are spared, not even members of his old crew who he grew up with on the block. Generally, though, this Rasta isn’t a happy one: he’s vex with society (Damned), despises the "system" (No Rules), and feels as though he’s owed much more high praise and respect for his contributions to the scene (Been Doing This). However, H does find some joy in telling us how he’s got the Hoes On Smash.

Going through the CD, it’s as if you’re witnessing someone having a one-to-one therapy session with their own self; getting past grievances off their chest while trying their best to look forward (Red, Gold & Green). It’s complex, it’s intriguing, and if any new MC-led release has the power to steal some of the shine currently on much-hyped ~avant-grime~ producers, it’s this. To give fans a better understanding of where his head’s at with Fire And Smoke, Big H has given MTV IGGY an exclusive Fire And Smoke (Megamix). Listen below, as the self-proclaimed "saviour of grime" chops up an old Slew Dem production (gun war sounds, and all) with a mix of both his classic bars, and previously unheard rhymes.

Full album tracklist:

1. Bring The Pain
2. Genesis Feat. Novelist & Bossman
3. Trap Life
4. Smash
5. No Rules
6. Alarm
7. The Game
8. Stuff (You Do)
9. Red, Gold & Green
10. RoadStar
11. Crime Scene Feat. Blade Brown & Paper Pablo
12. Wake Up (LengFace)
13. Mums Life
14. Damned
15. Been Doing This Feat. Flirta D, Footsie & Dan
16. All Day

Bonus tracks available with the physical copy:

17. LimeLite
18. Up in Smoke

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