Tuesday 6 August 2013

MTV IGGY: Skream’s Top 5 Disco Jams For The Summer

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Skream traded in his dirty dubstep for shiny disco only a few months ago, but he’s already become quite the disco revivalist; touring non-stop to give his new-found love new life. And, like a true music leader, the producer/DJ has managed to turn the majority of naysayers into believers. But even then, many thought the revered one would be taking things down the nu-disco route (you know, the updated, bass-driven version?), but no, Skream is keeping it a strictly golden oldies affair. The Croydon-and-proud star took five minutes out of his hectic schedule to give MTV IGGY his top five disco jams for the summer months. If there’s a sudden surge in sales for fake Afros and roller skates in your town, you now know who’s responsible.

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