Sunday 30 June 2013

MTV IGGY: Long Live Swindle’s Jazzy Grime

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

You don't often hear jazz and grime being mentioned in the same sentence, do you? Well, today, that all changes. Swindle, 26, has been successfully merging jazz and funk with grime for years, and the fact of him being a pirate radio-loving son of a jazz guitarist would probably explain the reasoning behind his quirky concept. From 2008's Beautiful Music to 2011's critically acclaimed Moodswings, this London-based producer has shown just how mature grime can be, when it has a few older genres to kick it with.

"If someone wants to interpret my music as grime, I’m cool with that. If someone interprets it as dubstep or funk, I’m cool with that too. I’m not trying to be a pioneer or anything; my main aim is to create honest music." With debut album, Long Live The Jazz, Swindle has done exactly that. From relationship breakdowns to raving euphoria, he managed to cram in the last two years of life experiences into a 13-track masterpiece for bass music-lovers across the board to enjoy. Here's a detailed track-by-track breakdown of the album from the man himself.

Check it out over at MTV IGGY: H E R E