Thursday 25 April 2013

MTV IGGY: Skilliam Brings You 100% Of Skepta

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

"Man better mention me when they talk about grime," rhymes Skepta on the remix of Diddy’s Hello Good Morning track and, after the many years he’s invested in the scene, who are we to argue? Paying homage to the Boy Better Know MC and producer this time round is Rinse FM DJ and Butterz label co-owner, Skilliam, who brings us a well-selected 21-track mix of Skepta’s finest grime offerings. Listen…


01) Bumbaclart Badman Remix
02) Private Caller
03) Fuckin Widda Team Vocal
04) Fuckin Widda Team Remix
05) Stupid
06) Red Bull Academy
07) ASAP Vocal
08) ASAP
09) Stageshow Rhythm
10) Tingles
11) Hench Remix
12) Sweet Mother
13) Dustbin Man
14) The End
15) Autopsy Freestyle
16) UFO
17) Dead
18) Reggae
19) Dark
20) Rockstar (Poomplex Edit)
21) DTI (MC VIP Mix)

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