Wednesday 28 March 2012

(MTV) Free Music: Darq E Freaker - 'The 3-D Mix' (MTV Mix)

Each month, The Wrap Up asks one of today's finest bass music producers to put together a mix for all of you 140 BPM virgins and lovers of bass out there. After we were blessed with Preditah’s grime-led 'Future Sounds' mix last month, we thought it was time to explore the 10-year-old genre a little further. So, please welcome south London's Darq E Freaker to the MTV stage. The producer behind Tempa T's smash hit, 'Next Hype', has created an exclusive 14-track mix that will take you into a new dimension of instrumental grime music in 2012.

The Wrap Up: Darq E Freaker, please educate the people who aren’t in the know as to who you are…

 Darq E Freaker: My name is Darq E Freaker and I’m the producer behind Tempa T's legendary club anthem, 'Next Hype', and various over grime music monstrosities. I titled my MTV mix 'The 3-D Mix' because I hear a lot music in this grime/bass/wonky/dubstep/140 BPM hybrid genre of ours and it just sounds very 2-D, plain and basic to me. I wanted the beats to really come out and for people to feel them as they've never felt 140 BPM before. It’s my mission for the listener to experience the euphoria I work to create whilst they embark upon this musical journey.

TWU: Is instrumental grime taking over?

Darq E Freaker: I don't think instrumental grime has taken over the vocal side, as such, I just think it’s more a case of the artists, DJs and producers taking their craft much more seriously and doing things more professionally.

TWU: A lot of people have compared you to Labrinth. That’s a pretty good look, but what are your thoughts on the comparison?

Darq E Freaker: I take it as a compliment, because Labrinth is an awesome producer. I would imagine people compare the outlandishness and obscurity of what my sound is to Labrinth, but it's because it's a new sound of a certain level they're not familiar with and have nothing to tandem it with, so they will familiarise it with what subliminally seems the closest to home.

TWU: What does the future hold for Darq E Freaker?

Darq E Freaker: Progression, growth and collaborations. I don't like to say too much on what the future holds because nothing is ever promised, but I'll let you in on a little secret: I've done a track with one of XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class members and one of SPIN Magazine’s top hip-hop artists – American rapper, Danny Brown!  Apart from that, I can only tell you to stay tuned to find out more.

Download 'The 3-D Mix' for free: H E R E


1. Honey'
2. 'Blueberry'
3. '666 Sauna'
4. 'Mystic'
5. 'Indigeztion'
6. 'Hades'
7. 'Ghosts 'N' Freaks'
8. 'Ironside' 
9. 'Yellow Diamonds'
10. 'The Music'
11. 'Atari Bounce' 
12. 'Facts' 
13. 'Roar' 
14. 'I Still Love You' (Darq E Freaker Remix)

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Words and editing: Joseph 'JP' Patterson (@Jpizzledizzle

This also appeared over at MTV: H E R E