Saturday 12 November 2011

(MTV) Free Music: DVS - 'One In A Billion'

After years of waiting, DVS fans up and down the country will be pleased to know that the wait to hear some new music from the PDC rapper is now finally over. As he mentioned in a recent interview with The Wrap Up, the Brixton-raised storyteller has been busy cooking up some serious heat in the studio, as well as collaborating with the crème de la crème of the UK rap scene...

Today marks the release of 'One In A Billion'. The 19-track offering, which is easily one of the most anticipated underground mixtapes of the year, will definitely keep fans happy until DVS is ready to drop his debut album in 2012. Full to the brim of emotionally-charged, heartfelt and honest lyrics, this artist has delivered a truly amazing body of work here.

Download DVS' free mixtape, 'One In A Billion': H E R E


1. Charlie Sloth Intro

2. 'Life Of A Real G' (Produced By Pinero)

3. 'Crazy World' Feat. Jaja Soze & Naja Soze (Produced By Militious)

4. 'Back Like We Never Left' Feat. Ty.Nizz, Q.B, Jaja Soze, Naja Soze & Inch (Produced By Figurez)

5. 'A Mans Life' Feat. GigiDaai (Produced by Rashad)

6. 'Go From Here' Feat. T.Labelle (Produced By M.DotE)

7. 'In & Out' Feat. Shystie & English Frank (Produced By Kimbo Hareez)

8. 'Butters' Feat. Youngs Tef (Produced By Loco)

9. 'Bumbles Interlude'

10. 'Light The Flame' Feat. Politikal Peak, Ard Adz, Kerz, Serious Sykes, Looch Gwalla, Troopz, & Jaja Soza (Produced By Chris FMB)

11. 'Hometown' (Produced By Pinero)

12. 'Bout It' Feat. Young Spray (Produced Pinero)

13. 'Born As A Boss' Feat. Krept & Konan (Produced by Pinero)

14. 'Dion' Feat. GigiDaai (Produced By Rashad)

15. 'Fast Change' Feat. Joe Black & Squeeks (Produced By Figurez)

16. 'Fly Straight' Feat. Ghetts (Produced By Sunny Productions)

17. 'Goodbye' Feat. Muslim Bilal & Mucky (Produced By Rashad)

18. 'Celebration' Feat. Benny Scars (Produced By Benny Scars)

19. 'Maybe' Feat. Exo (Produced By Rashad) //

Words and editing: Joseph 'JP' Patterson (@Jpizzledizzle)

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