Thursday 14 April 2011

Tune Of The Day: Sneakbo Feat OG Niki - 'Freak'

OG Niki has been the talk of Twitter ever since she dropped her controversial Spit Your Game freestyle earlier this week, and while most are disgusted with her lyrical content, some are hailing the 17-year-old, Birmingham-born MC as the next Lil Kim! I personally think that she has an acceptable flow, but all I could think when I was watching her freestyle was, 'What if that was my little sister talking all scandalous like that on camera?' I then found myself daydreaming, where I found myself in a prison cell serving a life sentance for my sister's murder.

But I must say, I'm very impressed with the above track, Freak, which sees her team up with another artist who has the streets on fire right now, Sneakbo. It isn't as sexual as I thought it would've been, I actually think it works. We might as well face it, OG Niki is going to be around for a little while now - she'll probably get snapped up by a major soon - but that's what we get for moaning and talking about her non-stop, feeding into the hype.

Some MCs have been on their grind for years, struggling to even get 1,000 followers on Twitter, my girl drops one freestyle and she moves from 300 to nearly 5,000 plus followers in a few days as a reward. I'd be pissed, still. You can't knock the girl, though. It's not her fault that she has so much hype around her name due to her inappropriate bars, it's ours.

Do your thing, OG!