Wednesday 3 November 2010

Bomma B - 'Bombs About' (Mini Review)

I've been reppin' Bomma B for quite some years now and it's good to see that he's still on his music grind. I came across this MC from his work within the bassline scene, he's since gone back to his grime roots and is about to drop his new mixtape, Bombs About. Now, I'd say over the past year or so, it seems like grime corers in London have been warming to artists from the Midlands (namely StayFresh) and Bomma B is someone that ranks high in that list. I think his Tempa T-styled-aggressiveness is something that people appreciate.

He recently came down to a No Hats No Hoods event and absolutely showered it down. That was a proud moment for me, because I know how long it has taken for grime heads in London to accept MCs from outside of the M25. Oh, how times have changed.

Anyways, Bomma sent me his Bombs About mixtape earlier last month and even though there is a lack of bassline on there (only track being First Born's Spray Like We remix), it is a really well put together piece of work. Bassline clearly isn't the route that Bomma wants to go down, which is his prerogative. So, if you're looking for some REAL GRIME from B66, this one is you!

I'm not going to do the whole reviewing each track thing, you should just buy the darn thing when it comes out on Friday 5th November and make your own decision.

Oh, I was also allowed to show you one track from the mixtape as a little preview. Tell me he didn't bloody well go INNN! //