Thursday 17 June 2010

Rinse, I Salute You!

As you might or might not know by now, Rinse has now got their FM licence. It has taken 16 years for the pirate station to come this far and they've done it, finally. This is a big look for the UK underground music scene as a whole, grime and dubstep especially, I just hope that the station will still have control of what comes out via that FM dial of theirs, we don't want to be hearing any commercial shizzle, we can go to NME Radio for that (PAUSE).

I said something on Twitter today that rattled more than a few peoples cages:

"I think the legal Rinse thing is making a few people gassed #remainhumbleandyouwillbecool"

"Once again, I'm happy for Rinse, some of the DJs just need to remain humble. I'm seeing #divaantics already #calmdown. That is all."

Now, I'm not one to put a 'downer' on the hype, as I said I'm extremely happy for SOME of the DJs on the station especially me ol' mates Marcus Nasty, Spyro and Maximum. I just saw a few DJs go on some #divamode and I didn't appreciate it, but who am I?

Anyways, braps to Rinse, I hope to hear good things from them in the future.