Sunday 2 May 2010

JP Update!

Hi people, I know I've been slipping on the blogging front, but manaman's been busy this week. On Thursday I headed down to LDN to link up with my grime bitch Hyperfrank and we went to see a lady called Thembi, she is a bloody legend in the grime scene. She was the main reason why certain grime MCs were the faces of brands such as Adidas and Nike back in the day and Hyperfrank was overly inspired by her. Watch out for some mahoosive projects coming up with her soon.

On Friday we then went to link up with a self made millionaire called Charles Gordon who wanted us to help him on this new grime project and he was a person that really inspired me, the man made his first million when he was 18 (you should have seen me and Hyper's face when he told us that), amazing. So expect some big news from the JP & Hyperfrank camp very soon!

Oh, by the way, you should check out the reply that Joe Muggs did to the contrversial 'joystep' article that I commisioned Benjamin Hill to do. Possibly one of the best things that I've done being the editor of MTV's The Wrap Up. Big up Fiddy on the advice too!

Benjamin Hill 'joystep' piece: HERE

Joe Muggs reply: HERE

PS. Someone also called me a Freemason #NODEVILWORSHIP