Wednesday 12 May 2010


I was sent the link to this video today via the Flush UK Media lot from Birmingham and at this time I was with my bredrin (who is also from Birmingham) and as soon as we pressed play it got a straight jackum, I'm not even exaggerating. The video is next level. For an underground music video, the quality is bloody A-M-A-Z-E, no? And we haven't even started on the track yet. Bomma B comes in with the aggresive flow, which I think everyone is appreciating at the moment, because grime is lacking the angry type flows right now. Trilla, Trilla, Trilla, why did you have to go and duppy the tune like this? The D Double E bar >>>>>>>>>>>>>. The other MCs on the track are good, I'm not aware of their work too tuff, nevertheless, a great piece of work. In some places in the world people would call this a work of art!