Thursday 1 April 2010


Trilla Jermaine Trilloski was one of the first people I booked when I had my first ChockABlock event in Northampton all them years ago. He's now conquered the bassline scene with tracks such as Etap, (which boosted sales for the hotel, I'm sure) Gstar et al, but now he's on his electro/grime flex with his new offering, Who Are Ya?. I'm not gonna lie, I despise electro/grime, simply because it's DEAD. This tune will get a bligh though because it's catchy, simple and I just appreciate it. The video is doing plenty for the eye pupil too, kinda reminds me of JME's Over Me. Oh yeah, I nearly forget. Trilla recently did ALOT on his version of S-X's Woo Riddim as well. 0121 stand up! (that's the Birmingham area phone code, for those that don't get the lingo by now).