Sunday 7 February 2010


Swifta Beater has done it again. He just sent me the link to his new bassline mix called Bass In The Place Vol 11 which features some of the grimiest bassline known to man. I can't even say any more, you just have to listen to it. Caution though, you might do a Tempa T when you hear some of these tracks, so I suggest you leave your bats and cars far way from eye sight. Oh yeah, speaking of Tempa T, I heard his full album throughout the tour I went on with Tim & Barry and I have two words to describe it, immensely epic.

01. General Feat. Zoe - Come Over
02. Tre Sosa - Not Right (Feat. Sean Rumsey) (Swifta Beater Mix)
03. DJ Q - Erhh (Feat. Flameus)
04. Deckstar - Oh My (Feat. Lanca & Snipes)
05. Swifta Beater & Jessica - We're Through
06. TRC vs Blu Cantrell - Breathe
07. DJ Pantha - Candy Shop
08. DJ Q - Bang (Feat. Zeo & Bones)
09. Swifta Beater - Alcohol
10. DJ Pantha Vs Young Speckz - Pantha TV
11. Swifta Beater - Swifta TV
12. TRC - Not Worth My Tears (Feat. Ruth & Zeo)
13. Deckstar - Night Fall
14. Swifta Beater Vs Jessica - I Can Break Your Heart
15. TRC - Dont Leave Me
16. DJ Pantha - MC's Fuck Off (Feat. Flameus)
17. DJ Pantha & Guests - 2010
18. Swifta Beater - Kill Alla Dem Teefing Producers (Curtains)
19. TRC - Bounce Up And Down (Feat. Sony) (Take It Back To 07)

DJ Swifta - Bass In The Place Volume. 11 by Swifta Beater