Friday 22 January 2010

Unsigned? Who Cares...

Mashtown are back with another banger with their new track, Warriors. Margs did a lot on this one and even though the whole track is made with the help of the dreaded auto-tune, it worked. I'll be real with you, who really cares if these man are too ''gully'' to go all mainstream and commercial? I don't. Some music isn't meant to be out there for any and everyone, some of it is best kept underground, just saying.

I know some rappers who have six figures in their Santander Savings Account just from shotting mixtapes on road alone. For all you up-and-coming artists out there, have faith in the good ol' fashioned way of distributing your music, instead of getting depressed because an A&R guy from Island or EMI keeps on parring your emails and mixtape download links on Twitter. Outside the back of your car, or outside your local FootLocker, is you!

So, until you get the major label deal that you always dream about, keep doing you and make the music that you want to, because you might not get the chance to do that when you do get snapped up!

Class dismissed.