Wednesday 4 November 2009

MTV: In Memory Of MySpace

Just the other day myself and some friends were discussing the issue of MySpace and how it impacted our lives and the wider world. When we properly stopped to consider it, we collectively agreed that MySpace was once THE networking site to be on. Facilitating almost everything, from hearing the latest music, chatting to your friends, to seeing the latest blog entries from famous folk. Now it’s all but a distant memory for us. We have been absorbed by the likes of Twitter and Facebook, but it just isn’t the same.

First of all Facebook was for ‘grown-ups’ who wanted to stay in close contact with friends and family, but now it has been taken over by ex-MySpace kids who just want to invite everyone to their next rave or house party. The only good thing about Facebook for me is the status updates, they can have a strong effect on someone’s life for the whole day, if not the week. Then we have Twitter. I’m only on that because of peer pressure as it was the ‘in thing’ to do and everyone told me it was great, but what can be said in 140 characters? Exactly. It seems like its only really useful for musicians, journalists and PR people anyway. So, where has all the fun gone? Will we ever see MySpace make a comeback? Or are we lost to the gloomy world of Twitter and the ‘not so personal anymore’ Facebook?

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

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