Sunday 4 October 2009


DJ Total is back on this ting and he has put together a big skeng man September bassline mix for you to download for free, of course...

1.Piddy'Py ft.K Dot - I'm Twiss (Special)
2.DJ Pantha Vs Young Specks - Pantha TV
3.Burgaboy ft.Lanca - An We're Live
4.Papez ft.Bassman - B A Double S M A N
5.1st Born - Mistreated (Remix)
6.Bass Boy ft.Lem - Your Love (DJ Airz Remix)
7.Bass Boy ft.Dom - Right Now (GRG Bass)
8.Subzero ft.Murkz - It's Goin Off (Dyno Remix)
9.TRC ft.Screama - Pisstake
10.Bass Boy - Wompt Fear 3
11.TRC ft.Madman - Left Right Left
12.Bass Boy - Complex
13.Ussy ft.MNT - Do 1
14.Swifta Beater ft.SP & Bomma B - More Please
15.1st Born ft.ZO - We Don't Par (Remix)
16.TRC ft.MNT & ZO - Splash (DJ Airz Remix)
17.Papez ft.Madman & Bomma B - Hunger
18.Wittyboy - Rolla Coaster
19.Bass Boy ft.Screama - What Are You On
20.DJ Rebz ft.Madman & Tiny Skitz - Total Dub
21.Nastee Boi - Catch Me At The Show
22.Deckstar ft.J Don - Haterz & Paperz
23.Burgaboy ft.Slick Don & Tez Kidd - Don't Want That Girl
24.AdotR ft.Sacha & Slick Don - Dirty Girl
25.Bass Boy ft.Abi - Do You
26.Brian Storme ft.Eljai - Chasing Damage (Burgaboy Remix)
27.1st Born - Love '09
28.AdotR Vs Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew
29.Bass Boy Vs Brownstone - If You Love Me
30.Dyno Vs Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows
31.Perempay & Dee ft.Shola Ama - DJ Play (TRC Remix)
32.AdotR - I'm Gone
33.Forbidden 'JSAs Bday Bash' Advert

Download: HERE