Thursday 22 October 2009

The London Lite: Fast Talk With Kano

Kano's back on the music radar and he's set the storm the charts once again with his new electro–grime track, Rock & Rolla. But this time, it's without a major’s help...

Grime in 2004 or grime in 2009?
It has to be grime back in 2004, because although there was no money in it, (well there wasn't for most people anyway) not knowing where the whole movement and sound was going. The scene produced some unique, unorthodox and genius music.

'Ghetto' ladies or model types?
Ghetto, 100%. It isn’t about dining out in Nobu every night for mad cash during a recession. But I don't mean the street-talking, ghetto-type girls!

Being signed or being independent?
Being independent is definitely the best. I've seen both sides of the equation, and being independent means that you can actually make money if you sell some records. Most importantly, as an artist you get to keep full creative control over what you do.

Gucci or Adidas?
Adidas. Well, my Adidas anyway, because no one else has it.

La Roux or Tinchy Stryder?
Controversial question! Honestly, I've got no big preference between the two of them.

Bond Street or Brixton?Brixton for the vibes and atmosphere, but it has to be Bond Street for shopping and style.

Europe or the Caribbean?
In the famous words of Damian Marley: "Jamaica, Jamaicaaa!’’ Although, I'm currently over in Berlin working hard on my new album with Boys Noize. Berlin, London and the rest of Europe is cool, but the Caribbean in the place for me.

Raving or the couch?
I've been touring around universities in the UK recently, so at the moment, I prefer chilling at home on the couch watching Entourage. It's all about super-agent, Ari Gold! He's the man, and if you haven't seen this show, you need to check it out. Raving is still cool and fun, but for me, it feels like the same old, same old a lot of the time.

Chinese or Nando's?Well, I'm black, so I've got to say Nando's for that one haven't I? (Laughs)

Kano’s new single - Rock & Rolla - is out on October 26.

Words: Joseph Patterson

A version of this appeared in The London Lite Newspaper