Wednesday 1 July 2009


Following from my Swifta Beater post, I thought I would put up this about him and his label, Birmingham stand up!

NUR is headed by Leon 'DJ Ace' Lava & Swifta Beater. Having started in late 2007 as all members had a common intrest - music. We said we wanted to become the So Solid crew of bassline, but were over shadowed by other crews that were more organised, we found a lot of our singers were poached and the members did include AdotR and Moky from Creepers but both have pursued their indiviual goals. At present the remaining SKully 2 Gully, Dj Shystie, Jerome Tha Singer.

New Editions include grime based producer Captain Scarlet & Marky B an up and coming funky house DJ for 2009, it was a joint decision by the heads to re launch the brand focusing on bassline, grime and funky house. We are also experimenting with funky/bassline and the electro/bassline crossing the two genres and seeing what we can bring to the industy that is new and original.

There are plans for vinyl and digital releases over the coming months and there are residencies held on the radio stations across the 2nd city.

Kriss FM 8 - 10 Tuesdays - DJ Ace
Kriss FM 8 - 10 Tuesdays - DJ Marky B - Hosted By Dapz & Tazzle
Silk FM 8 - 10 Saturdays - Swifta Beater B2B DJ Shystie

Join their Facebook group: HERE

Some free mixes for you, HERE and HERE.