Friday 19 June 2009


Another big big Bassline mix from the one like DJ Total.


1.Madman Madskie - Skanking Dancing (Special)
2.Speedy - 50 Man Deep
3.TS7 ft.Slick Don & Young Specks - All Night Long
4.DJ Rebz - War In The Park
5.Andy M ft.Amnesia & Slick Don - Pum Pum's Huge (Remix)
6.Nastee Boi ft.J Don & Asher - J D O N
7.DJ Pantha - Better Think Twice
8.Bass Boy ft.MNT & Total - Get Loco Reloaded
9.Feeder ft.Tez Kidd - We Don't Care
10.Burgaboy ft.MNT & Slick Don - Say Sutten Den
11.Dyno ft.Spider - What You Deh Pon
12.TRC ft.Asher & Tez Kidd - Buss A Skank
13.Boy Better Know - Too Many Man (Jamie Duggan Remix)
14.Maxwell D - Blackberry Hype (DJ Q Remix)
15.Speedy & Screama - Get Hype
16.DJ Pantha ft.Faith Evans - Love '09
17.DJ Q ft.Savanna - Got It Started (Zibba Remix)
18.Caliber ft.MNT & Miss Fire - K I S S I N G
19.TRC Vs Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows
20.Lauren Mason - Stronger (Burgaboy Remix)
21.Speedy ft.Sanna Hartfield - Its Me (VIP)
22.Nastee Boi Vs Dub International - Just Be Good To Me (Dyno Remix)
23.Burgaboy ft.Karina - Changes
24.1st Born - Battle Of Fear
25.Nastee Boi ft.Liason - Since The Day
26.Dyno Vs Shakedown - At Night
27.Sony & TRC ft.Vocals BM - Same About Me
28.Burgaboy ft.Anna Be - Mixdown
29.TS7 ft.Sarah Jane - Struggle
30.DJ Airz ft.Brux & Melissa - Breathe
31.Burgaboy ft.Lem - Cant Get Enough
32.General Vs Asia Cruise - Selfish

Download: HERE