Tuesday 10 March 2009

No More Grime For BADNESS?

Badness recently did a little interview with the Grimeforum crew, he has now given up the Grime Ghost, interview below.

Rumours circulated around the Grime Forum and on roads that Badness, arguably the MC from outside of London to have made one of the biggest impacts in the scene, had decided to leave grime behind. While negative press on grime isn’t something I often like to promote, I wanted to catch up with Badness to determine why he had made this decision and what it meant for the future.

Yo Badness, the rumours that are floating about on road and on net that you’ve quit the grime scene, can you confirm this?

Yes, I can. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvaaaaaaa!!!

What was the final straw that led you to quitting the scene?

The final straw was the sidewinder event in Bristol, it’s all starting to get stupid and past negative. I came into the scene again to up lift the youth’s not to bring them down because I saw that they needed guidance- not violence.

Does quitting the scene mean that you won’t be touching grime music at all, or will you still be collaborating with grime artists for their projects?

I will 100% not be collaborating with any more grime artists. What is done is done. 99% of them don't have any thing positive to say. We need more tracks like Inna Da Ghetto and that’s like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

It’s said that you turned up to Rinse FM so much that you must have lived there or owned a place next door! Haha, it’s not true is it?

Yes it is true Rinse FM is my house and what!? But I’ve just bought myself a bigger apartment I had too many unwanted visitors trespassing! Dun know. Big up all the Rinse FM family- Geeneus Rat Saira. Sir Spyro Scratcha. O…………K!!

What’s next for Badness then? Lava Eruption is out on the 16/3/09 nationwide, what can your fans expect from this album?

Yeah it’s not an album its a gyalbum full of nuff La…….Va unity. We make the people come together and have a good time but too many people in grime are bad mind. They don't like to see the yout’s buss.

Any final comments?

Look out for Bannana Clip single getting let off very soon on Tru Tiger Recording’s produced by Suge Knight.