Thursday 8 January 2009


After dunning the New Years Eve rave in Leicester, DJ Total is back again with his monthly mix full of Bassline exclusives, and it's free...

Tracklisting :

1.Papez ft.BODR - Wobbler Part 5 (Special)
2.Bass Boy ft.MNT & SG - Can't Test Total
3.Swifta Beater ft.Dapz - Just Wanna Dance (Remix)
4.Piddy'Py ft.MNT & Slick Don - Move Back
5.Bass Boy ft.K Dot - Get Milli Get Mad
6.24K - Skull Gang
7.DJ Pantha ft.MNT - Gimme Dat Shit (Whos Got The Dizzle)
8.Speedy - Fear Gonzalez
9.Subzero ft.SG- Who Can Do It Like T (Special)
10.Screama - Abnormal
11.24K ft.Mesha - How I Feel
12.Subzero - Merkury Dub
13.Nastee Boi ft.SG & MNT - Just Too Fresh (Remix)
14.Bass Boy ft.Teresa - End With Goodnight
15.Prototype - Salsa Remix
16.AdotR Vs Speedy - 50 Man Deep
17.DJ Pantha ft.Ruth, MNT, SG & Asher - Mash 2009
18.Bass Boy ft.K Dot - Hello
19.Nastee Boi ft.Rae Rae, Mercedes & Bianca G - I Am (Remix)
20.Bass Boy ft.Lem - Your Love
21.TRC ft.Sickmade Man, Asher & Ruption - Sickmade Girl
22.Burgaboy ft.Chris Royal & Slick Don - Why Cheat
23.Asher ft.Benji Dred - BODR
24.Screama - Don't Hold Back
25.Bass Boy ft.Sanna Hartfield - So Sorry
26.Swifta Beater ft.Fantasia - When I See You (Remix)
27.Kyla - Daydreaming (Burgaboy Remix)
28.General ft.Bianca - Big In The Game
29.Burgaboy Vs Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
30.Bass Boy ft.Natz - What She Got
31.Addictive - Domino Effect (Burgaboy Remix)
32.Nastee Boi ft.Rae Rae - Leaving You

Download: HERE