Tuesday 9 December 2008


Today's freeness comes from top selected Bassline DJ Total with his December mix, class this one as an early Christmas present : )


1.DJ Pantha - They Cant Lick Doon DSN Guyz Hmm Yesss
2.Screama - Hell No
3.TRC ft.Flameus - One Foot Skank (Special)
4.DJ Pantha - Dam Thing VIP
5.Bass Boy ft.Trilla - Dont Go Down There
6.Piddy Py & Subzero - Club Vybz
7.TRC ft.Asher, SG & ZO - Fire
8.Caliber - Baby 08
9.Subzero ft.Tez Kidd - Rockstar (Special)
10.DJ Pantha - Run Up In Da Darnce Chidi Check It Mayne
11.Burgaboy ft.Ruption - Manny Anthem
12.Nastee Boi ft.Davida - Its Not Easy (Remix)
13.Burgaboy ft.Sacha - No Means No
14.DJ Pantha ft.Jerome - Sleeping Around (Remix)
15.Burgaboy ft.Teresa - Dont Wanna Cry
16.Subzero ft.Slick Don - I Like What I See (Special)
17.DJ Pantha ft.SG & Asher - Doin It
18.Swifta Beater - Pantha Fuck Arf (I Got The Dizzle)
19.Bass Boy ft.SG & R9 - Shut It Down
20.Nastee Boi ft.Stay Focus - Bumpa Pon Dat (Remix)
21.Nastee Boi Vs Tyrese - Wadya Like
22.TRC ft.Kaye & Screama - You've Changed
23.Subzero - Wot A Load
24.Nastee Boi ft.E-Man, Mac 5 & Fidi - Mussy Yeah
25.TRC - S Word
26.Emvee - Watch Out
27.Burgaboy ft.Chris Royal - Your Producer
28.Bass Boy ft.Simone - Peach From Heaven
29.DS1 - Promise
30.Bass Boy ft.Phe Phe & MNT - Back In The Day
31.Bass Boy ft.Natz - One Kiss (24K Remix)
32.AdotR ft.Valerie - Every Cloud
33.Caliber ft.Teresa - L.O.V.E

Download: HERE