Sunday 23 November 2008


Wiley Featuring Kano & Ghetto - She Glows

This is the new video for the big track She Glows and features Grime's top 3, Wiley, Kano & Ghetts. It's good to see these guys all on one track NOT CLASHING each other for once and also shocked to see the appearance by William himself in the video, seeing as it's not a thing he does often.

The video is looking fresh still (although it is a bit cliche, champers, beer gyal, bling, but whatever)and I'm feeling the Funky dance that everyone is dropping in the video, (where does this dance come from by the way, I see people do it at every Funky rave?). This track is set for release February 2009, will it be dead by then I don't know, but I can guarantee it would have been a hit if it came out over Christmas.