Wednesday 15 October 2008

iRecommend : Rangoose Vol1

Grime ravers Nu Brand Flexx have a new mixtape out called Rangoose vol 1. Now if your a typical Grime fan this one isn't for you, but if your known to like a bit of Pop, Electro and Grime all mixed together then you will enjoy this.

It has all the recognisable tracks such as Gash By Da Hour which has been remixed by a plethora of people, Feel So Good, 2000 Nu Brand, Kiss My Cough aswell as some good Grime tracks like Make It Happen and Malarky . It also features a Bassline version of the Malia and Ayia Napa tune of the Summer, Shag Anybody featuring Flirta D, Kaos and Asher which is alot i must say and you readers know i like my Bassline.

Only thing i would say about this CD which isn't bad per say, there needed to be a bit more GRIME orientated tracks, less of the jumpy, happy, rave type tracks. If you claim your a Grime act that is what people should expect, although i do appreciate the experimentation.