Tuesday 28 October 2008

Classic : Number 6

Newham Generals - Frontline

One of the most popular Grime crew's Newham Generals have been about from day merking almost every Sidewinder, featuring on almost every Grime DVD. This Frontline track i think is a classic, I'm sure if you were to ask any hipster Grime lover out there what their favourite track / freestyle from the crew is and they would say this one, seeing as it is the first track that comes up on youtube for then anyway.

Even though Monkstar has now turned his back on the Grimey lifestyle and has now found JESUS, the remaining member's do need to release a mixtape because they have a lot of fans out there even with the current climate that Grime is in at the moment, with everyone either leaving to be on Funky House or Shit'lectro or just simply being lazy and not releasing any music at all. That's a point actually, i must ask Double wha gwan with this mixtape malarkey next time i see him.