Friday 12 September 2008

What's Going On Star?

I was watching Crimewatch tonight as you do, expecting to catch some joke off people getting moved to (some moves are dread though) until a part of the show came on about Stephon Davidson who died last week from a drive by shooting in Birmingham town centre. Now i know alot of people in Brum and im hearing it's getting worse by the day, everyone is killing everyone, and who are the main people merking off each other, yep you guessed it Black on Black youth.

What is going on with our people? Let me stress it is not just Black people, all races are getting caught up in this ting. I am not gonna lie, when your on the roads it is very easy to get caught up in the Shank and Gun thing but it has reached it's worst state yet. I remember in my brother's Jungle days (when everyone used to buss the multicoloured Moschino and Versace garms) it was still man dem taking it to the street using fist's if they had beef and they were raggo back then aswell, now you'll be lucky if you get shanked.

But as a nation what can we really do to stop all of this? Because on one hand we have all the younger's coming up who are very much on this ting and then we have the government, ha FUCK the government, they love seeing this happen, that isn't me being ignorant it's me being real. I guess we will have to just leave it to the Lord, he is the only one that can really change the situation.

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