Tuesday 22 July 2008


What is the world coming too?. Please stop typing, bow heads and close eyes, let us pray.''Lord god please don't make this reach the UK for the youngers of the streets sake in your name we pray Amen''. It seems as there is a trend today with Hyperfrank and Prancehall and their posts on violence, i feel an urge to say something so here is my piece on the matter. Firstly it has nothing at all to do with Music why people are getting killed and hurt on our streets as politicians like to claim, we as a culture need to change things around, for example i grew up around alot of things a child shouldn't of seen at that age but it does not mean to say i would go out and take it out on other people from what happened 10 years ago, its just the mentality of the youth THESE days, it is as if they have nothing to live or aim for hence the raggoness of their behaviour.

It all starts at the home, parents your time. Im telling you if i was an MP i would do alot of things trust me, it might sound cliche to say we need more things for youngers to do ie more youth clubs/workshops but its true, allow using all the taxes to blow up people in Iraq and them places and look at your own front door (or maybe the 'slums' of London seeing as they never venture out far enough from their chauffeur driven lifestyles to see what is actually good in the 'Hood'.)