Wednesday 23 July 2008

Classic : Number 1

So Solid Crew - Oh No Sentimental Things

Every now and again i will post a classic video that did alot for me back the day, when something triggers off a tune in my head i will post it, i am a bit loopy like that you see : )

So Solid crew aka The Grime sound originators (pre Eskimo). I have a feeling they will be back on their Music thing again whether it be solo efforts or together as a crew, on a Hip Hop or Funky House tip. While we wait around for the genre hype cycle to go back around from Bassline/Electro to Garage/Early Grime sounds we will have to have a little reminiscing session to quench our eagerness. Talking about Old Skool Grime i heard a new tune from Frisco the other day and it sounded very 04, it is alot .