Tuesday 10 June 2008

What Another Mix?

Yes DJ Total has a new June edition Bassline mix free for you to download so you can Vogue Skank along to it.


1.Bass Boy ft.SG & Slick Don - Ohhh Yesss
2.Piddy'Py - Prickly Rose
3.TRC ft.Trilla & Asher - Wobbler Part 3
4.1st Born ft.Joy Brooks - I Cant Take It VIP
5.Burgaboy ft.Lauren Mason - PS
6.24K ft.MNT, SG & N'Chyx - In Da Place
7.Papez - Just Me N U Vs Baby
8.Screama ft.B.O.D.R - Put It In The Air
9.JTJ - Cocoa Butter
10.DJ Q ft.Flex - Wah Gwarn (Special)
11.Bass Boy - Get A Reload
12.Caliber ft.Kaylee - The End
13.TRC - Burgastyle
14.Piddy'Py ft.KD - Come Wid The Dance (Remix)
15.24K ft.Recneps - Road Runners
16.Psycho - What Have U Got
17.TRC & Bass Boy - Rollercoaster (Special)
18.Burgaboy ft.MNT - Get Loco (Remix)
19.Quinney Locz - Quinney's Gangstas
20.Bass Boy ft.AV & Slick Don - Back Of The Rave
21.TRC - Dyper aka Somarli Haircut
22.Burgaboy ft.Tez Kidd - Be Me
23.DJ Q - Sessions (Dark Mix)
24.R-Type - Dropping Dimes
25.1st Born ft.Deadly & Safone - UK Put Ya Shades On
26.TRC - Puddy Cat
27.AdotR ft.Jet Rider & PRE - Dancin Shooz
28.Plentie - Ghost Man
29.Ill Mana ft.P Money - Shut Ya Mout
30.Naya ft.Deadly - Are Ya Duuum
31.B.U.N - Massacre Remix
32.24K - Stranger In My House Remix
33.Subzero Vs Snypez ft.Sam & Aaron - B Boy
34.AdotR ft.Tamzin - Think Of Me
35.Marika Diamond - Weekend Lover (Mr V Remix)
36.AdotR ft.Chantee D - Without U

Download: Here