Sunday 1 June 2008

The Body Snatchers - Album Review

Underground production duo hailing from Washington D.C now residing in Bristol 30Hz (owner of dubstep label Tectonic) and Baobinga also known as The Body Snatchers have a new album called 'Feeling Good,Looking Nice,Smelling Right'. The cd is made up from a mixture of bass heavy pleasures from Bassline and Crunk to Hip Hop and Electro House, not my usual mix of musical taste but its actually doing alot for my ear drums at the moment. Track 2 'Jaminglish' Feat. Sirplus is a mc based track over some grimey electro business with alot of Bumbaclarting,Bloodcleeting and all the rest of the Jamaician cuss words but its definatly one of the best tracks on the album. They have worked closely with acts Yolanda,Sirplus and Sporty-0 on alot of tracks keeping it in camp but it seems to work as all the tracks sound very fresh without sounding samey.

The Body Snatchers 'Call Me' featuring Sporty-O & Yolanda


1. Monster Cash feat. Sporty-O & Mr.Smith
2. Jaminglish feat. Sirplus
3. I Like What I See feat. Goldmouf
4. Pimpin International (Skit)
5. Freaky Ho feat. Kamikaze
6. Dangerous feat. Sirplus & Yolanda
7. Yeah You feat. Kamikaze
8. Backseat Anthem (Lovers Dub)
9. Feminist Anthem (Skit)
10.Call Me feat. Sporty-O & Yolanda
11.Big Ass, Miniskirt
12.Mami feat. Kamikaze & Fern Lee
13.Sexy Pickpocket Girl (Skit)
14.My Appetite feat.Frilla
15.We Here (Big Pimpin) feat. Yolanda
16.Back In The Day (Skit)

Out June 16th on Passenger Records