Tuesday 1 April 2008

Wideboys Feat. Shaznay Lewis - Daddy O

This is one of the latest 'Bassline' videos to come out (i have now lost track of how many there have been), i put bassline in brackets because personally i wouldnt class this as bassline its not grimey enough to sound like bassline the people in the no will agree with me. I was talking to my good ol pals Tim and Barry about the two scenes in Bassline and it is very visible, you have your goon Prada sunglass wearing bassline scene then you have your pub like Rockport shoe wearing bassline scene (clothes have nothing to do with it but try and go with me), if you put this tune^^^ up against something like...

you can hear there are two sounds, you get your poppy bassline then you get the real grimey bassline it might just be me being too critical but i prefer the underground grimey bassline, even T2 is still staying real to the Bline (apart from that Kate Nash track init Prancehall)

What do ya'll think?