Saturday 5 April 2008

DJ Total - April Bassline Mix

Le2Block's number 1 DJ Total sent me this Bassline mix for ya'll to download for free, its pricelessssss.


1.JTJ ft.MNT - Leicester Anthem 2008

2.DJ Pantha - They Cant Do It (Special)

3.DS1 ft.Ty,Tez Kidd & J Star - Am Not Avin It (Special)

4.Piddy’Py - Road Party

5.TRC ft.Teresa - Burgastyle 2

6.Bass Boy - Fried Macrul

7.AdotR Vs Dopestalla - Run Up The Darnce (Remix)

8.DS1 ft.MNT - U Like It Dont Ya

9.Rachel M - Losing Me (Jamie Duggan 4x4 Remix)

10.Subzero ft.Rae Rae - Choices

11.Piddy’Py ft.MNT & SG - Hmm Yesss Remix

12.T Dubz - Aggravated Assault

13.Swifta Beater ft.Vader - Catch Us On A Move

14.1st Born & Shottz - I Smell Lemons

15.TRC ft.Ideal - Raindrops

16.Wittyboy - Intent 2 Feel It

17.Nastee Boi ft.Tez Kidd - Dirtyah

18.Subzero & Men - Shut Up (Instro)

19.DJ Murkz, Dre & Saji - Bullshit

20.Booda ft.Becky Rhodes - Secrets (T2 Remix)

21.Tez Kidd - Brownings (2008 Remix)

22.AdotR ft.Krepz - If U Want Me

23.1st Born - Superwoman VIP

24.Piddy’Py - Just Wanna Be ’08

25.Nycole Valentina - With Me

26.Wittyboy ft.Solja - Get Ya Tits Out

27.1st Born ft.Tamzin & MNT - My Bubbas Song

28.AdotR - Freak

29.Bass Boy - No Manners (Special)

30.R-Type Vs Brandy - Angel In Disguise

31.Bass Boy - Jenz Ucresfay

32.Wittyboy - Your Man

33.AdotR ft.Moky - The Way You Work It

34.Emvee - Just Fine

35.24k ft.Rae Rae - Sometimez

36.Wittyboy - Just Another Cheat

Download Here :;9933802;/fileinfo.html