Sunday 16 March 2008

What Ive Been On? (If your interested)

Yes readers hope your all good in your hoods. The reason why i havent put up alot of posts recently is because i have been busy working on a big bassline feature with Tim and Barry for i-D Magazine, some ends we we went to Leeds,H.U.D,Brumtown,Coventry and over the time we covered artists such as, DJ Q, Mc Bones,Lenky,Sharnell, Dj Smalls,WittyBoy, Nastee Boi, J Bomma B, Grinstarr, Trilla,JTJ,Tamzin, MNT, Total and more, with some showaa looking photography and some exclusive video footage including p.a's and interviews,watch out for that....also some exclooooooosive business from D.E.Velopment, keep your eyes peeled.