Saturday 8 March 2008

ChockABlock Is Bizack!

Back at the resident nightspot EGG Nightclub, ChockABlock is bringing ya'll a showaa line up including Grime folk such as Skepta, Grim,Vectra and Spooky. Dubstep alot.comness fom Warrior Queen and Macabre Unit, Bassline lengness' (not even a word) by JTJ Productions from Lesta', Dj Venom and Zomby. Nu Rave madness from Namalee (her 'Namazonia' tune is BIG no lie),a 'Whoreditch' dj clash from Tapedeck and The Real Heat...AND ALOT MORE SURPRISE GUESTS ! :)

Friday March 28th

Egg Nightclub, 200 York Way, Kings Cross

Email: 4 £6.00 GLIST